Innovator and the founder of Quassarian Innovations

Sumit Ranjan

Sumit Ranjan is a 23 year old Indian entrepreneur and an innovator. He is the founder of multinational company in r&d and home appliances manufacturing Quassarian Innovations Private Limited having its own manufacturing brands Quassarian Appliances and "Webgax" .
Established in the year 2016, Quassarian Innovations Private Limited is a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of home appliances and industrial products.
Started in India, Quassarian now has its bases in over 24 countries including its offices in Canada, Mexico, Australia, India and Denmark.



His venture is manufacturing some of the finest tech products in the world and is exporting them globally. They are working on a vision to make technology easy and accessible for every person and for this they constantly put effort in R&D.

He is also an author of research paper published in "The International Journal of Science and Technology" (vol-3 issue-8) in which he explains 'why does the light travels at a constant speed?'.
His innovations include online refrigerator, Segmented EMP carrier drone, Webgax Rife, energy capsule, webee- hearing aid, hydrogen control unit, micro-gravity farming device, disinfection Gate, Webgax Gax Shield, Webgax Covid booth etc

He has designed and developed products for Indian Forest Department (WII-Wildlife Institute of India) and for DRDO (Defence research and development organisation, India).

Quassarian is a word driven from Quasars (Super energetic core of collapsing super massive galaxy) and Quassarian means the ones whose spirits hails from there and so carrying tremendous energy blast within to take history making moves.

His breakthrough R&D facility is where burning industry needs are targeted and solved. It also serves as a platform for young innovators to innovate and contribute under its mentored and incubated research environment.
This establishment is also helping the public sector companies in reducing the imports. Their recent project of low cost indigenous weather station has reduced the product cost by ten times in comparison to its imported counterpart.
His operations and processes are carried by highly motivated and dexterous team of professionals. He also has an in-house R&D unit. This permits his team to stay at par with the latest trends in the market with a constant development in organization's innovative assets.
His team comprises of:
Skilled Workers

Sumit Ranjan with Dr. MK Singh of VBU Hazaribag
Receiving welcome bookey from Dean and Director of Commerce wing, Vinoba Bhawe University Hazaribag, Jharkhand.


Sumit Ranjan Brand logo

When asked in an interview "Will you be happy after becoming successful?" His answer was "I'm passionate about innovating. I know I will never find my success lying on the street. I love my passion and I feel so complete with it."
The word 'Success' itself is an illusion for Sumit. He is a hungry wolf and never let an opportunity go. He dies to leave a mark upon it, build it best, build it big.
To pen down a real life story, it takes a lot for a person for remembering every bit of past life of how it all actually started and then happened. For remembering what he used to think on each and every entity on earth and figuring it out how things take place and how he can contribute to make it last.

Gazing at the space and thinking on all the universe stuffs is the time where it all started as we say 'all of a sudden'. No one knows where they belong to and where their destiny is calling them, such things make their own way to happen.
Miracles happen everyday but this will happen in this way in damn real was quite interesting but also difficult to deal with.

Sumit Ranjan
Pic: Panel Guest in the Constitution Club of India with MP Shri Nagmani Ji, Chief Commissioner of National Scouts NP Maurya Ji, Singer Vishal Srivastav ji, Chaiman of Apollo Hospital and many national and state level achievers.

Getting names from friends and teachers such as 'Mad Scientist', was difficult to digest at that time but then taking it into consideration and taking that name along and making it happen was the toughest part.

Gradually and eventually things happen but never knew this will make way too soon. Just like if you want to see the best view, you have to make the hardest and toughest climb.
You know one day just clicks, when you realize that you don't care about people, don't bother what they say or think, is the time when you find yourself at a better place and believe that yes, you have done something good. It is when you realize that you have come a long way and by far you have experienced miracles happening in life. Each single day flashback runs/crosses the mind, sometimes makes us cry but mostly gives smile and this is how it should go on.

Sumit Ranjan
Pic: Constitution Club of India with MP Shri Nagmani Ji, Chief Commissioner of National Scouts NP Maurya Ji, Singer Vishal Srivastav ji, Chaiman of Apollo Hospital and many national and state level achievers.


Sumit Ranjan

Pic: Adressing robotics and AI convention at THDC-IHET sponsored by TEQIP, MHRD (Govt. of India)


Sumit Ranjan

Sumit Ranjan
Pic: Quassarian Business Network with Dr SK Gagroo (Former GM at State Bank of India, Secretary General at MSME Govt. of India)


Early life as an innovator
He is an innovator who hails from Jharkhand and Bihar, he mastered his innovative skills in his village located in lap of nature in Bihar through experiments. From his childhood he carries a different spark towards science, technology and theoretical physics.
Since he was a school boy studying in class 6th, his innovations and research enthusiasm and style of explaining things wes a subject of prime attraction for people, local media, teachers and organisations.
He was highly elated towards theoretical physics and astro-particle physics and used to follow numerous books of MSc in secondary school and also wrote his first research paper proving the reason behind the constant light speed while in class 7th. That was his first research paper and had problems with derivations back then. Again with some improvements the same paper successfully explained the reason of constant speed with analytical geometry and dimensional regeneration after 4 year in 2015. It later got published in journal called “The International Journal of Science and Technology” vol 3, issue 8, page 277.
Sumit Ranjan

When in grade 10th he attracted media attention and scientists by making plasma at room temperature and designing engine prototype to combust hydrogen; from junkyard scratch he designed an experimental setup having Van de Graff generator for high tension voltage discharge to treat an open and closed system Plasmalytic setup of Palladium core dipped into an electrolytic solution of heavy water (D2O) surrounded with Nickel electrode. This experiment was a combined replica of the reactors designed by Andrea Rossi-Sergio Focardi in 1970s, Stanley Pons-Martin Fleischmann (1983 to 1989).
This work got followed with 43 more innovations that he accomplished in a very short period of time.


The Entrepreneur Spark:
Make it simple and take it high. During his school days, he innovated a burglar security system from scratch in March 2015, then he was 17, and thought about launching it into the market. He went to the office of Deputy Commissioner to build his initial network but that idea was not of much help because of officer's busy schedule. Meanwhile he kept pitching the product to potential buyers in the district on his cycle after the school hour to get his very first dealer.
He goes to Jamshedpur to do business without money and faces a pathetic time of struggle and encounteres his very first market rejection.
He meets CA Suraj Kumar Dikshit who helped him to learn initial business skills and became his first seed funder.
Then his words was “Humko apna khud ka private government chalana hai, like an empire”.

Shaping the dreams.
Power of attraction and positive thinking acts as a catalyst for an entrepreneur
The term 'Product R&D' itself catches public interest and opens a thread in conversation that mostly converts into an order.
His belief in connecting people, building relationships and providing them the best product and service proved to pave his path for his bigger success. Quassarian is still growing and paving its path with hard work.
Sumit Ranjan
Pic: Welcome memorandum to Brahmos India guest with Russian Ambassador in Indo-Russian unity event sponsored by Brahmos Missile.

Sumit Ranjan