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Robots are not science fiction. Learn to feed life into machines with Quassarians. Be a part of our Robotics & AI educational programs that we conduct in universities and schools.
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We are on a mission of creating industry pioneers from root. We setup next generation laboratories dedicated to nourishing robotics and AI curiosity among students in schools and colleges.
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AI Chetna

AI species for defending its type; visual, auditory and sensory threat identification; cognitive skill simulation and self manufacturing. Chetna is a next generation AI and first of its kind in artificial species. For this, "Quassarian Evolutionary Code" is being advanced every hour. This comprises some sets of machine learning algorithms for robots to learn the way we, humans, have developed ourselves in course of evolution.

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Innovative Accomplishments

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August, 2015 | Research Published in The Internal Journal Of Science and Technoledge - VOL 3 ISSUE 8

Theory of constant light speed.
In this paper I have given the proof for the reason behind why the light travels with a constant speed irrespective of the relative velocities of both source and observer. This fact was first postulated as the second postulate of the theory of special relativity published by Sir Albert Einstein in 1905. This is done through an experimental approach using analytical geometry and concept of dimensional regeneration.
- Sumit Ranjan
(Research Author, Inventor)


5th April | By Sumit Ranjan (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Forum, Germany, NHF- Ranchi University and Regional Level Science Exhibition By CBSE, India)

An attempt of controled Nuclear Fusion ( Cold Fusion).

We designed an experimental setup having van de graff generator for high tension voltage discharge to treat an open and closed system plasmalytic setup of palladium core dipped into an electrolytic solution of heavy water (D2O) surrounded with Nickel eletrode. This experiment was an advanced combined replica of the reactors designed by Andrea Rossi-Sergio Focardi in 1970s, Stanley Pons-Martin Fleischmann (1983 to 1989).


18th February, 2016 | By Sumit Ranjan

Anti-Radar EMP Heliscorpion

We invented a device for long range combat. It's a swarm tricopter drone that carries on board small EMP devices and after reaching the target's radar, they all triggers an EMP burst that ultimately overpowers the internal circuitry and leads in falure of the complete system. Being small in size they don't even get detected by radars on their way. Being a tricopter, the power consumption is also very low.
This device is perfect because after disabling the communication system and radar of the enemy it gets easier to attack and gain possession.


20 June, 2018 | By Team Quassarian

Wearable Robotics Power Assembly

We are putting our research contributions towards developing an efficient power source for wearable robotics. We are trying to create and confine plasma into a small sheilded region and then carry the same as a power source for exoskeleton armour. The work is in experimental phase now.


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