Embedded System Product developer in India

Build your dream electronic gadget with Quassarian Perfection.

Wanna launch your own electronic product in the market, CONGRATULATIONS! you are at the right place.
We can make your complete gadget from product prototyping to designing to ready to manufactre product.

Quassarian can help you in building your product idea into reality. We design it, we code it, we test it and deploy with perfection.
We are one-stop embedded system solution and product development solution. We have in-houce setup for working on embedded technology and product design and assembly and have qualifed professionals to solve all related needs.

We are good in the following:
# 3D designing, 3D printing
# Product Designing and assembling
# Working with wide series of microcontrollers
# PCB designing
# PCB inspection, troubleshooting faults, PCB testing
# Firmware design and development
# Bulk and individual PCB printing and soldering.
# Bulk manufacturing through pick and place setup.

We are good in making power efficient PCB designs for meeting high industry goals. We encourage challenging ideas and innovative concepts to work upon and we can prove as your best mate for becoming an industry leader.

Embedded for industry
We use various tools and software for developing industry grade PCB architecture and its firmware. We are good at developing multi-layer PCBs. We take special care for PCB to match with the product specifications. We use CAD software for precise 3D analysis, simulation in ANSYS, fusion sync etc for complete examination of all aspects of PCB designs.
Rapid PCB prototyping
We can help you in developing proof of concept through various development boards like Raspberry Pi, node MCU etc.
We also develop zero PCB, do PCB etching and 3D printed PCB enclosure etc for meeting prototype requirements.
PCB Printing
We get the PCBs printed at our verified vendors based in China.
Firmware Development
We develop firmware through various tools and software. We have our own APIs for transmission and receiving from cloud.

Your dream idea is about to
become real now!

We are all set with our r&d team to provide your idea a standard begining towards reality.


We have an excellent infrastructure for product research and development where we can shape your idea into a real life product.

Innovative Accomplishments

We have an excellent past record of innovative accomplishments.

Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd.