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Sumit Ranjan
Sumit Ranjan


Sumit Ranjan is a young Indian Entrepreneur working in field of rockets and aerospace technology. He is the one who has coined private product r&d company for the first time in the world.
He is one among those bright minds who have never stepped back from challenges. He holds rights to his own 45 inventions and research paper. His accomplishments counts significant in terms of pushing the human race forward. Being a school dropout, his work in field of research can't be expressed in ordinary terms.

His major works includes a theory in which he proves 'why the light travels at constant speed?', an online refrigerator, Segmented EMP carrier drone, energy capsule, webee- a hearing aid, hydrogen control unit, microgravity farming device.

Domain of speciality

Softwares 87%
Internet of things96%
Theoretical Physics77%

Inventor / Innovator

Serving mankind by introducing 45 new technologies.


Published a research paper entitled "Theory of Constant Light Speed" in 2015 that proves the second postulate of Theory of Special Relativity that the speed of Light is always constant. The paper also has discussion on fifth dimension, its scope and dimensional regeneration.

Space Technology

Sumit is working towards making the young generation aware of the coming need of advance space technology and need of improvement through innovations in field of rocket science. He conducts worksop sessions to spread his message and also through independent rocket expo.

The tech beacon

Sumit has opened a new door for medium and small scale companies to bridge competition and stand with big players through his r&d support that he is providing to all. The beacon is now in reach of all with his globally highest ranked website for "product r&d company".


Talking about Rockets Lecture

Principle of working | Overview of propellant | Overview of Design | Rocket Stability |

Online regeneration Innovation

This heart like looking device can cool water in 10 minutes. It's first open bound refrigerator invented by Sumit Ranjan.

Cold Fusion Research

Watch this video to know the secret behind IRON MAN's arc reactor and to know how to make one of your own. Please watch the entire video up to climax. It has many things to learn.

invention of sumit ranjan

The grand vision

Unveiling the secrets universe is hiding behind the curtains of ignorance and bringing it to reality for use of mankind.

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