Webgax Director, CEO, Mad Scientist & Inventor

- Co-written by Rakshita Verma and Ahana Raj

Sumit Ranjan is a 20 year old young Indian entrepreneur, business leader, innovator, tech prodigy and high school dropout running his own product r&d company.

His company called webgax is having an excellent team of innovators, researcher, professors and mentors is on a mission of taking humanity to a new height through technology. He has coined the idea of product r&d company for individual startups, MSME and SME so that no single spark of any great world changing idea goes undeveloped due to lack of affordable research facility.

His clear mission is “idea to product” and it is making spectacular success into the startup economy.
He is master of his domain and an excellent business leader. He also guides other entrepreneurs in Goal Setting, Financial Education, Building Mindset and Network and also towards bulding social media image.
His major works includes a theory in which he proves 'why the light travels at constant speed?', an online refrigerator, Segmented EMP carrier drone, energy capsule, webee- a hearing aid, hydrogen control unit, microgravity farming device.

Sumit Ranjan
Sumit Ranjan


To pen down a real life story, it takes a lot for a person for remembering every bit of past life of how it all actually started and then happened. For remembering what he used to think on each and every entity on earth and figuring it out how things take place and how he can contribute to make it last.
Gazing at the space and thinking on all the universe stuffs is the time where it all started as we say 'all of a sudden'. No one knows where they belong to and where their destiny is calling them, such things make their own way to happen.
Miracles happen everyday but this will happen in this way in damn real was quite interesting but also difficult to deal with.
Getting names from friends and teachers such as 'Mad Scientist', was difficult to digest at that time but then taking it into consideration and taking that name along and making it happen was the toughest part.
Wandering and roaming around in a new city with nil palm was the real struggle. But just in a year or two having an office in the same city, in the same office hub area where wandering took place made the view beautiful.
Gradually and eventually things happen but never knew this will make way too soon. Just like if you want to see the best view, you have to make the hardest and toughest climb.
You know one day just clicks, when you realize that you don't care about people, don't bother what they say or think, is the time when you find yourself at a better place and believe that yes, you have done something good. It is when you realize that you have come a long way and by far you have experienced miracles happening in life.
Each single day flashback runs/crosses the mind, sometimes makes cry but mostly gives smile and this is how it should go on.

Early life as an innovator
He is an innovator who hails from a lower middle class family and learnt things in his village based in Bihar from scratch without proper electricity, education resources and internet. From his childhood he is carrying a different type of spark towards science, technology and theoretical physics.
Since he was a school boy studying in class 6th, his innovations and research enthusiasm and style of explaining things were a subject of prime attraction for people, local media, teachers and organisations.
He was highly elated towards theoretical physics and astro-particle physics and he used to follow numerous books of MSc in secondary school and also he wrote his first research paper proving the reason behind the constant light speed while he was studying in class 7th. That paper was having problems with derivations back then. He again worked on the same paper and had successfully explained the reason with analytical geometry and dimensional regeneration after 4 year in 2015 that got publication in a journal called “The International Journal of Science and Technology” vol 3, issue 8, page 277.
When in grade 10th he attracted media attention by making plasma at room temperature and designing engine prototype to combust hydrogen; and also from junkyard scratch he designed an experimental setup having Van de Graff generator for high tension voltage discharge to treat an open and closed system Plasmalytic setup of Palladium core dipped into an electrolytic solution of heavy water (D2O) surrounded with Nickel electrode. This experiment was an advanced combined replica of the reactors designed by Andrea Rossi-Sergio Focardi in 1970s, Stanley Pons-Martin Fleischmann (1983 to 1989).
After this there were back to back 43 more innovations that he accomplished in a very short period of time.

Dropping out from School:
Sumit has seen very tough times. He is a school dropout because after completing his class 10th his family was unable to push his education any further in private school. Meanwhile after getting freeship in his previous school, he faced humiliations from fellow classmates and society as ‘mad scientist’ and he got bullied multiple times that broke him completely because societal dignity and having at least one person to support is very important for someone to live.
His interests towards education system gradually started decreasing that led to his declining attendance in school and also his interests towards making money and building his own empire started growing into his mind that ultimately led to his very poor marks in class 12th board that included 09/100 marks in mathematics. Because he had already taken decision to dropout in class 11th, his poor marks didn’t affect him much.
The Entrepreneur Spark:
He innovated a burglar security system from scratch in March 2015 and thought about launching it into the market. He went to the office of Deputy Commissioner to build his initial network but that idea was not of much help because of the busy schedule of Deputy Commissioner. He then took action by pitching the system door to door on his cycle to get his very first dealer.
He then fled away from home to Jamshedpur to do business without money and faced a pathetic time of struggle as he encountered only rejections to his product. He came back after 7 days.
Again after his return to home town he continued that door to door selling after school hours. Meanwhile he met CA Suraj Kumar Dikshit who helped him to learn initial business skills and without having any personal interest, he helped him as a mentor and as an initial financer to develop the prototype properly and shaped the real entrepreneur in him.
Then his words were “Humko apna khud ka private government chalana hai, like an empire”.
Sumit Ranjan
Struggle in Delhi
After dropping off he fled to Delhi without any resources and back support to try his last chance.
He had just one bed sheet, cooker, stove, some clothes and a laptop.
Being a Bihari, survival is even harder in Delhi when you are financially not sound. Most of the time he survived on “Khichdi” and sometimes without food.
Managing survival in Delhi
Depression was eating him inside out but he was good at convincing people.
He randomly entered defence ministry, DRDO office, NIESBUD, Ministry of Skill India and entrepreneurship and multiple other organizations to look for opportunities and it was where he met his second mentor Dr. Sk Gagroo (Ex- GM of SBI and Financial Advisor of the ministry).
He still had no source of money so for living he started going door to door in offices based in District Center, Janakpuri to sell website development service.
Having no office and no id proof of Delhi made it tough to take initial token money from his customers but after working for few people at very cheap rate he got able to establish trust on his future clients.
From website development he was able to support his own living by earning approx Rs.10k per month and the same he continued for 2 years. It was a like a loop from which he was not able to return back.
Moments of Success:
Power of attraction and positive thinking acts as a catalyst for an entrepreneur
. He started believing this as ‘secret to success’. On 14th November 2017, he believed it strongly that he is running his own company and was having no other thought in his mind. On 22nd November 2017, he received only Rs.20k as advance money for a project worth Rs.65k and he played the risk. On December 1, 2017 he rented a small office and hired a developer. As his focus got away from developing website and software, he started focusing on expansion. By 15th of December 2017, he hires a team of 4 more people to work for him without having any source of paying them all. It was all a risk. By January 2018, he started hitting success back to back and got 11 staffs working for him.
Then he started his dream project of product r&d company and he came on trend online in search results with that keyword and then he accomplished one more spectacular success and expanded his office and setup.
A brief about webgax:
Product r&d at webgax stands for a change:
Webgax converts what is going on in the thought process as a product idea into a real life product. It helps an individual, an organisation and a nation to grow in technological aspects and it makes things easier and pushes the humanity forward.
Webgax product r&d is even vital for sustainability of an existing organisation so that it can come up with new innovations to tackle with the market competition. They can give their products for processing to his product r&d company's product processing segment to come up new innovations on that.
Product r&d makes you stand out of the crowd.
It also gives opportunity to the people planning for starting a new business by giving them the core product. What change it is bringing?
It has elliminated the problem of importing PCB boards to add value to our products. It has also elliminated the cause that made our MSME stuck to the assembling things in terms on gadgets as there was no cell doing product r&d so that the parts could be made indegeneously.

Sumit Ranjan

Platform for Innovators

Sumit is serving mankind through his own 45 new technologies and now he is having platform for hobbyists and innovators in his company where they get excellent grooming and assistance.

Entrepreneur Mindset Coach

Sumit started his company from scratch and in a very short period he made his venture leading amoung other top r&d companies. He is master of his field and a crazy risk taker. He also trains people for getting psycologically prepared for entrepreneurship, team building, in developing money making strategies and into skills of closing deals effectively.

Tech Beacon

He is working towards solving future energy issues by putting his contribution into cold fusion reaction and plasma confinement for powering exoskeleton armours.
He is also running an incubation program by name "Iron Man Incubation" in which he and his team is giving selected enthusiasts an opportunity to work with him and his team towards building real life Iron Man like suit.

Business strategist

He has excellent skills of building business strategy based on raw ideas and he has accomplished 7 back to back victories. He gives excellent speech sessions to chose the right business track and develop the entrepreneur mindset that acts as a catalyst in the growth of entrepreneurs.


Cold Fusion Research

Watch this video to know the secret behind IRON MAN's arc reactor and to know how to make one of your own. Please watch the entire video up to climax. It has many things to learn.

Sumit ranjan
Sumit discussing with his employees
Sumit Ranjan
Sumit Ranjan

The grand vision

Unveiling the secrets universe is hiding behind the curtains of ignorance and bringing it to reality for use of mankind.

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