Credit Verfictaion Software

Credit is much more important than income verification. Income only tells you how much the person makes, but not how responsible the person is with paying their bills.Webgax provides Credit verfication software which help you to check the creditiblity of a person.

Verify Information
Our Software will verify and authenticate customer identity, and onboard customers more effectively. Optimize customer verification and reduce risk, through integration with bureau information and established databases.
Prevent Fraud
Our Software will enable businesses to understand customer fraud profile better, recognize possibly fraudulent customers, and filter out fraud early on in the application lifecycle. Maximize fraud capture at the initial stages of loan applications, and identify customers who have higher probability of committing fraud.
Acquire More Customer
Our Software will enable businesses with the right capabilities to make the best decisions, acquire customers more effectively, onboard customers quicker, assess credit risk in a more comprehensive manner, and focus on the right customers.
Help you to grow your bussiness
Our Software will empower businesses to grow their existing customer portfolios without compromising on risk - designed to ensure that businesses have all the information they need to track, monitor and more effectively manage and develop existing portfolios.

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