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Webgax provides automation solutions which help businesses increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Through automation we are giving the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically. Through automation, we intend to assist clients in building innovative products to capture the market in a better manner.

Computerised numerical control (CNC)
It means the computer can convert the design that is produced by a Computer Aided Design application into numbers. These numbers are actually coordination of a graph and they are capable of controlling the movement of CNC cutters. In this way, the computer can control the cutting and shaping of the materials.
Direct control machine ( DNC)
Direct Numerical Control Software (DNC) solution is a multi-threaded communications and file management system that allows for simultaneous upload and download of multiple CNC controls.
Programmable logic controller (PLC)
PLC are integral parts of manufacturing industries. The Industries we see around us house large numbers of various kind of machines. And they are not simple to operate. Some would though look simple and some are yet very big and complex. Each machines has many parts which are moved by various kind of motors or Hydraulic drive system or Pneumatics system.
Robotic Arm
The term robot is coming from the Czech word robota, which means, Forced labor. Most common manufacturing robot is the Robotic Arm, which is a mechanical arm, usually programmable which perform the same function or similar to the human arm. The robotic arm usually made up of seven metal segment, joined by six joints.

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