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"We are an unique nutshell of amazing innovators.

We believe in nation building through innovation. We have taken the initiative to act like remote R&D department mainly focusing the startups and organisation with limited fund and exposure that cannot bear the expenses of in house R&D department and hence have limited growth and life line. We give life line to all those companies and startups to survive for next 50 years. We are also working towards increasing scientific awareness among students to do technology based startup and we guide them as their back support to build a better tomorrow.

Research and Development
We provide complete product solution that includes product R&D, product designing and testing. We design, innovate/invent and develop the idea of our clients into sellable products. We also provide product testing report and work towards product enhancement for enterprises.
Website and App development
We develop, design and manage apps and websites. We also develop innovative mobile applications and ERP.
College Workshop
"We convert idea into enterprise". Spreading enthusiasm of technology has always been our prime concern. In colleges and schools, we provide workshop in various fields of engineering like Drone Technology, Robotics, Aeronautics, Electronics and Embedded circuits, programming, Rockets and Space Science.

We are a company limited by shares.
Name of the Company: Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
CIN of company is: U74999BR2016PTC032230.
[Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014]


Meet The Founders

Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Musicians play the instruments while we people play the ORCHESTRA.
Sumit Ranjan

Sumit Ranjan

CEO, Founder, Director

Inventor | Innovator | Web designer | Programmer | .

Mr. Raja Pandey

Mr. Raj Kishore Pandey

Company Co-founder, Director

Hon'ble company Marketing Head | Visionary | Guardian in the company.

Suraj Dikshit

Suraj Dikshit

Co-founder, CMO

One of the most creative brains of the company with new ideas and vision | Mentor | Visionary.

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"We are an unique nutshell of amazing innovators. We are the world's only company doing Innovations and Inventions on demand."