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"We are CREATIVE as HELL and play hard with SOFTWARES"

"We are the explosion wind, we are Quassarians."
Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (webgax) is best known for it's exhilarating creativity and energy in developing softwares, apps and gadgets of all kind. It's path is fretted by Clients; not just Satisfied but DELIGHTED with our work and commitments.
With mouth to mouth promotion, webgax now ranks #1 world-wide on Google for Best Product R&D company. Moreover we are getting VIRAL for coining new cool gadgets and awesome software tools.

We are a team of experts and highly professional software developers, designers, inventors, electronic engineers and algorithmists. We are known for excellence and delivering extra values than commitment is our core symbol.

Webgax is growing like an energy blast, releasing numerous useful softwares, gadgets and tools with intention of reshaping the destiny of mankind.
"There is a difference in our brilliance."

We are a company limited by shares.
Name of the Company: Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
CIN of company is: U74999BR2016PTC032230.
[Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 8 the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014]

Meet The Founders

Quassarian Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Sumit Ranjan

Sumit Ranjan
( Quassarian Gax )

Founder & CEO
Mr. Raja Pandey

Mr. Raj Kishore Pandey

Company Co-founder, Director
Suraj Dikshit

CA Suraj Kumar Dikshit

Co-founder, CMO

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