Internet of Everything

Ihe concept of Internet of Everything emerged as a natural development of the IoT movement and is largely associated with Cisco tactics to initiate a new marketing domain, IoE encompasses the wider concept of connectivity from the perspective of modern connectivity technology use-cases,IoE establishes an end to end ecosystem of connectivity including technologies, processes and concepts employed across all connectivity use-cases. Any further classifications such as Internet of Humans, Internet of Digital, Industrial Internet of Things, communication technologies and the Internet itself will eventually constitute a subset of IoE if not considered as such already.

Considered as end-nodes connected across the internet to share information and activities. Examples include social networks, health and fitness sensors, among others.
Physical sensors, devices, actuators and other items generating data or receiving information from other sources. Examples include smart thermostats and gadgets.
Raw data analyzed and processed into useful information to enable intelligent decisions and control mechanisms. Examples include temperature logs converted into an average number of high-temperature hours per day to evaluate room cooling requirements.
Leveraging connectivity among data, things and people to add value. Examples include the use of smart fitness devices and social networks to advertise relevant healthcare offerings to prospective customers.

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